Bilal Göl wrote: ” Pictures Inspire Civil Society “

Hi, I am Bilal GÖL, once a short-term EVS / EVS (Romania), once participated in the youth excange (Bulgaria) project, then established the media academy at the youth center of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, opened a YouTube channel, opened interviews, events and  While working at the same time, one of my ears was on projects published on Facebook One day I saw a shared advertisement from the youth erasia association, they did the work on recycling and tagged the photo of it and asked for it to be published on Facebook.

  Youth Erasia Association informed me that I won the project and I made my preparations and set out before I went to Romania, my journey was quite comfortable Let’s come to the project within the scope of Erasmus + program in Curtea de Arges, Romania 4 8 from 4 countries  Participants with 3 to 14 October 2019 held that “PICS” We participated in the project unique culture night in each country was conducted we also everything as best we can while representing Turkey carefully and tried to explain carefully, henna we take, we do not even henna ropes were pulled.  The project started at 10 am each morning.

We started a good time with energy and motivation games. The project is about photography and social inclusion, we took trainings from Mr. Adrian, the project coordinator within the project, and then they asked us to take photos from the selected and selected areas Curtea de  In the city of Argeş, we had the opportunity to exhibit at the Municipal Museum and as a result of this, the photographs selected from the photo contest were sent to the exhibition and I participated with my work “Schengen ve and we had the opportunity to visit the museum and see our own works.

Thank you Adrian and Cristiana

Bilal GÖL

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